VKontakte is a social network for communication, search for friends and colleagues, which is used by millions of people every day. Vkontakte allows users to create groups, public pages and events, transfer multimedia files, play online games, listen to music and etc. Unfortunately, access to VK can be blocked in some regions or private networks.

Why is social network VKontakte blocked?

For company employees, schoolchildren, students often limit access to popular social networks to increase productivity at work or school. As a result, Vkontakte is blocked in these private networks, like other social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook. Ukraine bans popular social network - Vkontakte, because it is Russian. Amongst other restrictions, Ukraine blocks access to Russian social networking site Odnoklassniki, search engine Yandex and Mail.ru group websites. Ukraine is VK’s second largest market after Russia. Easy way to get access to this social networks - buy VPN services.

How to easily circumvent the ban Vkontakte?

Sites are blocked because their IP in blacklist. When you connect to the Internet at university, at work or in some regions, the restrictions apply to VKontakte. Also it blocks sites with free movies, TV shows and torrents. There are various ways to bypass these locks, for example, you can use a proxy server or VPN. If you want secure and confidential access to all sites and services, then you need a good VPN service that will not store your confidential information. You can read about the differences between proxy server and VPN in this article.

The anonymous VPN GoGo service is a secure intermediary between you and the Internet that encrypts all traffic and gives you access to free Internet. A VPN allows you to visit restrictions sites that are available in another country, without leaving your workplace, school and region.