Viber is an application in which you can communicate, call and chat with friends, relatives and colleagues. There is an app on Android and IOS. There is also a desktop version on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Viber is very useful when you travel abroad, since you only use wi-fi or mobile Internet traffic for calls and messages. You get all these services at a reduced price or even free. However, if your friend does not have Viber on their device, you can use Viber Out.

Why can somebody blocks Viber??

Of course, mobile operators does not like such competition. Blocking Viber often occurs at school, workplace, so people are not distracted from their work.

For example, in Russia, Roskomnadzor tried to block the servers that Telegram uses in its work, but it also affected the servers of Viber. In Saudi Arabia, Viber is generally prohibited. And in Israel it is the mafia messenger.

How to unblock Viber via VPN?

VPN creates a secure tunnel through which passes all your Internet traffic. It also change your location. For example, you are in Russia, but if you connect to servers located in the UK, it allows you to use Viber as residents of the UK. The traffic is encrypted, the operator and the provider cannot get access to the sites you have visited. VPN GoGo has very cheap and fast VPN certificates. Install the application OpenVPN and try our VPN certificate.