Twitter is a social network with microblogs, which allows you to post messages, videos, photos, music, follow the microblogs of friends and acquaintances, and, of course, correspond with them. Twitter can be used for personal purposes and for business.

Why is Twitter blocked?

The social network is not always good thing; sometimes it distracts schoolchildren and employees. Then the school or company may decide to block social networks, including Twitter, in their environment.

In addition, in many countries there is a very strong censorship on the Internet. So Twitter is blocked in such countries as Turkmenistan, Iran, China, etc. As a rule, national analogues become popular very fast. But if you are in this country during travel, business trips or you like the original social network, you can get full access to Twitter via VPN.

How to unblock full access to Twitter via VPN service?

VVPN creates a secure channel through which all your traffic passes. At the same time, you are assigned the IP address of the server. Choose the country in which Twitter is not blocked, and then you will get full access to it. Connect to VPN is easy with service VPN GoGo, more details you can read on this page.