Facebook is a global social network. A modern person cannot imagine himself without a Facebook account. With the help of this social network we communicate with friends and relatives and share news in the feed.

Why is Facebook blocked in different countries?

You can run into the problems with connecting to Facebook due to the country you are in. You do not suspect that Facebook is blocked when you travel abroad. You are accustomed to the fact that Facebook is available in your country, and therefore the inability to chat with friends and relatives and watch the feed will be incredibly annoying.

Facebook is blocked in such countries that have high Internet censorship, such as Vietnam, Syria, Iran, North Korea. There are also countries where Facebook is blocked by the authorities from time to time; these are Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey.

Facebook is blocked not only in a particular country, but also in private networks, at school and at work. They do it to reduce the distractibility of people from their main job. But many people use VPN services and always have access to their favorite social network.

How to bypass Facebook restrictions?

The safest way to bypass restrictions is to change the IP address. Facebook will think that you are in another country or on another network. You can use our VPN service VPN GoGo. The service connects to remote VPN servers, which change IP.

In addition, the user gets the encryption of his connection, so using the Internet becomes completely safe. VPN GoGo does not store any logs or user activity.

You can get access to Facebook very easy, wherever you are, and protect your personal data from hacking.