BBC iPlayer is a very convenient online player, contains entertainment and news programs, as well as interesting movies and TV shows that you can watch in high quality. Unfortunately, the BBC iPlayer is available only to UK residents and is not available outside of it.

Why do I not have access to iPlayer outside the UK?

iPlayer is not available due to content licensing agreements, only UK residents have access to TV. Even if you are a resident of Britain and went abroad for a weekend or moved at all, you will not be able to enjoy TV programs, since access to the player will be limited. Learning about the restrictions will be very unpleasant, considering that you still pay for your TV show subscription.

The BBC has provided cases when it’s not possible to watch movies online, allowing its users to download some TV shows, movies, TV shows while you are still in the UK and watch them later without the Internet. Users are still concerned about this problem as news and TV shows are published regularly and there is no such opportunity to download them in advance.

In connection with these restrictions, users are looking for solutions to gain access to their usual player while living outside the country.

How abroad to watch BBC iPlayer via VPN

When you are outside the UK trying to access BBC iPlayer, the site automatically determines your IP address and if it is located outside the country, it displays a corresponding message. Our VPN service is a safe intermediary of Internet traffic and has a UK server, so it allows you to bypass this restriction. BBC iPlayer will see UK IP and remove this restriction for you. Our VPN is not only useful for accessing sites, but also provides secure use of the Internet on public Wi-Fi and other networks.