Odnoklassniki is a popular Russian social network in which people communicate daily, watch photos, videos, listen to music, play games, etc. Of course, social networks have many advantages, they allow you to exchange necessary information and files instantly, however, on the other hand, viewing news feeds and chat with friends distracts us from business matters.

Employers can block the ability for employees to visit certain sites, including the social network – Odnoklassniki. That’s why employees are not distracted from the main work. Then employers will be sure that his employees do not spend all their working time on social networks.

Are there any other reasons for blocking the social network Odnoklassniki?

Often, the governments of certain countries block Russian services for their own reasons, in response to sanctions or they want to develop their own, more advanced services. However, users still want to visit site Odnoklassniki and view its content.

How to unblock the site Odnoklassniki safely?

Everyone can find a way to bypass such restrictions and VPN helps in it. It will allow you to replace the IP address of your device with the IP address of the server device located in another country in which site Odnoklassniki is not yet blocked.

НFor it you need to download the application OpenVPN, import the configuration file into it and connect to the Internet. You can generate configuration files via our VPN service VPN GoGo. The first day of use is completely free.

In addition to full access to the blocked website Odnoklassniki, we also guarantee you to encrypt Internet traffic, without logging and tracking, so nobody will know which sites you visit.