Skype is a specialized platform; people use it in their work and to communicate with friends and relatives. You can call and send text messages, but it also supports voice messages, the transfer of media files, documents, etc. You can show the screen of your device to the other person too. Skype has an application both on the computer and on the phone, and there is also an online version.

Why is Skype blocked in different countries?

One reason for blocking Skype is the complexity in tracking calls and messages through Skype and other IP telephony. It complicates the search for criminals and increases the risk of terrorist acts. There is also a finance side; mobile operators lose huge sums of money because people use Skype.

Skype is restricted or completely blocked in such countries as the United Arab Emirates, China, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, etc. In some countries it is necessary to obtain a license and only after it people in this country can use this product. In China, for example, it is impossible to download Skype, instead it you will be redirected to a page with their similar modified version, which store all your internet activity and logs.

How to unblock Skype via VPN service?

And although Skype is in the black list of these countries, people use VPN and get access to the application. In this case, people install VPN both on the computer and on the mobile device once, and then turned on and off when it is necessary. Use our service VPN GoGo and create certificates for application OpenVPN. At the moment, the basic tariff includes three countries: Italy, the UK and Germany. Get access to Skype without logs at a bargain price.