The proxy server and VPN act as intermediaries between user and the Internet. Let's consider together in which cases it is better to use VPN or proxy, and why is it better to use VPN services.

Choose what is better VPN or proxy server

To make the right choice, you have to understand how they work. Very often you can watch on the TV news about encryption or leakage of important data on the Internet. It stimulates us to improve the security of our internet-connection. VPN and proxy have many differences, but they also have similarities in work. They both allow you to pretend as your internet-connection is coming from another geographic location. It will be more correct to say that the Internet connects to your VPN or proxy and it transmits all information through itself, but it is very important to realize how they transmit it. VPN has a higher level of security and privacy than proxy.

How VPN and proxy allow you to hide real IP address

Suppose you are in Germany and you want to go to the site that is not available in your country. You can use such tools as VPN and proxy to unlock this site. If this site is available in Italy, you just have to connect to the Italian proxy or VPN server and go to this site again. But if you use proxy, not a VPN, your Internet provider, the administrators of a public Wi-Fi network and others can see your internet-traffic, because it is not encrypted.

VPN encrypts your internet-traffic

If you still have question what is better to use proxy server or VPN server, understand that it is safer to use a VPN server, because it encrypts your internet-connections. VPN represents all your traffic as a HTTPS site, not as open HTTP. No matter what site is it, all your traffic is encrypted with VPN servers. It is very important to use VPN in open and public networks, because your data (logins, passwords, bank card, e-mail, your history of Internet visits, etc.) can be stolen.

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