Instagram is a popular social network where users can upload photos and videos length up to 1 minute, follow friends and acquaintances, like and comment their photos, correspond with each other and promote their brand. It is mainly used through the application on the phone for IOS and Android, but there is also a web version.

Why is Instagram blocked?

Instagram is blocked in countries with very high Internet censorship. For example, China has blocked Instagram due to a wave of protests in the country, there is a very high control over the information on the Internet. In July 2016, Instagram was blocked in Turkey, but it was unblocked later.

Also, schools and offices can block access to social networks, including Instagram, so employees and schoolchildren are not distracted from their work and respect internal security. They can do it through special programs, firewalls or via router.

And how to unblock Instagram?

Even if your company does not allow you to use Instagram, you can use get full access to it. One of the easiest ways is to install the application OpenVPN on your computer and phone, place an order for configuration file on our website and import it into the application. OpenVPN application does not work in China and Turkmenistan.