Tumblr is very useful platform. It contents many microblogs, in which you can place pictures, articles, videos etc. You can follow other users and communicate with them. Tumblr is unavailable for users in such countries as Indonesia, Kazakhstan and others.

Why has Tumblr blocked?

Tumblr can be blocked not only for certain country, but also for schools or work places. Tumblr has a lot of content for adults. Tumblr’s policy does not prohibit it, but blogs that contain adult content have to be flagged.

Authority and top managers want to improve productivity at work and limit adult content on such popular site. The most secure way to unblock Tumblr is to use VPN GoGo service.

How VPN helps to unblock Tumblr?

Web sites identify users’ IP addresses and may block some IP addresses. Your school’s and work’s IP addresses can be blocked, so you have to change IP. There are many ways to do it, but VPN fully encrypts internet connection.

VPN create tunnel that connects your device to the Internet. Your visit Internet completely confident, nobody can watch what you do on sites. Get secure and full access to Tumblr at school or on the work with VPN GoGo.