Why do people use VPN service and what is it?

VPN protects user data from third parties. These third parties include Internet providers, administrators of public Wi-Fi networks, cybercriminals, advertisers etc.

Someone can look at your behavior on the Internet, he knows what you are interested in or in what social networks you communicate. In addition, he can get your contact details, passwords and the whole history of your Internet traffic. An effective way to protect your data is to use a good VPN service because it is not interested in your data and it encrypts all your Internet traffic.

How can VPN protect me if I use public Wi-Fi?

Yes, of course, using a VPN server, your Internet traffic passes through your internet provider and administrators of public network, but VPN service encrypts these traffic. When you use VPN, an encrypted tunnel is established between you and the VPN server, so nobody can look at it. VPN is the intermediary between you and the Internet, so nobody will know what you are visiting on the Internet. It is similar to visit a secure https site, so nobody will not be able to use it.

You have to think about the possible cases in which it is better to use VPN, for example, in public networks in a cafe or a train station, you connect to the Internet without any thoughts. Who provides this free Wi-Fi? Are you sure that you can trust this network? A thief can steal your data from public network. Think about your bank cards and passwords, about other personal information that you usually exchange on the Internet. After your active search for goods or services on the Internet, people suddenly call to you or write to the mail with an offer to purchase it, although you did not give them your contacts.

Is it true that VPN gives access to blocked sites?

Often, Internet providers block some sites due to censorship in the Internet of a certain country or area. Since the VPN is an intermediary between you and the Internet, if its servers are located in another country where this site has not been blocked by anyone, then it will have full access to site, so you can visit this site.

VPN is not ideal

VPN does not protect everything, some sites use browser cookies to track your behavior on the Internet, and can track it after leaving these sites. The solution of this problem is to use the browser in mode incognito. Also, many free VPN services monetize their work, they sell or use your data for their own purposes, so think about it when you use such services. It's better to use a service without logs that does not store your data.

Enhance your security with VPN

The Internet was developed publicly and openly, but now there are many ways how someone can use your personal information, so it's better to use decent services and sites on the Internet, and the VPN will increase your security. VPN is a good service that you have to use, especially in today's environment.

We constantly hear the phrase «national security», but when the state begins to monitor our communication, fixing it without serious suspicion and without any visible purpose, we must ask ourselves: do they indeed protect national security or are they protect their own? Edward Snowden.

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