It is important to know that when you attempt to reconnect to a VPN, your valid IP address immediately changes to a completely different address, which depends on the remote server. The person chooses such server independently, or the user is already attached to it by default.

That is why the connection to the server on the territory of another state is visualized on your IP address. If a user changes his VPN daily to connect to any remote servers, then the Internet will perceive such a user as different people every time.

What are the basic differences of common and dedicated IP?

The basic differences are only in the use of a shared IP for general use by several people, and the dedicated, fixed IP is assigned to only one user personally.

Most VPN users compliment the use of shared IP at the same time with a large number of unauthorized people, because it gives them the opportunity to keep confidentiality with them when using Internet resources. There is a significant disadvantage, namely, that the common IP-address is at risk of being included in the black list. In combination with this, the user does not have any information about other people using the same IP. Because of this, there is a risk of problems with the connection. Despite the fact that the dedicated IP-address is not so hidden, the possibility of its getting into the black list is minimized.

How does a dedicated IP address improve the quality of the VPN experience?

Usually, people think a lot about purchasing a dedicated IP address bundled with the VPN service for completely different reasons, but almost everyone will say one thing: availability is the main advantage of this purchase.

If the user has such an IP, then it gives a clear advantage to visit various resources, for example: Gmail, eBay, PayPal. Quite often, these resources react negatively to any attempts by a person to connect if the IP address is different from the one used at the time of registration of the account or account. In such a situation, it is necessary to carry out a secondary verification of a person’s account, which is a rather big problem due to many inconveniences.

A dedicated IP address is required to navigate to restricted IP networks. Many system administrators for security purposes create lists of "passes." That is, you can get to the resource, only if your IP belongs to the list. This technique is often used by owners and administrators of private servers.

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If you want to purchase a unique IP address, order the Expert tariff, and dedicated IP servers work with the OpenVPN protocol.