Digital technologies are constantly being improved and today they are already so developed that modern electronic gadgets are able to track the behavior of users not only on the Internet, but even outside it.

Logs - what is it?

Logs are files that store information about the actions of users or applications that they launch. In addition, they may contain some information about a visitor of an Internet resource, for example, personal data or equipment parameters. Unfortunately, log files may end up in the hands of fraudsters or law enforcement structures. Of course, in this case it’s just pointless to hope for confidentiality and security.

VPN service log file

It is an electronic journal where all information about a user's activity in the network is stored, namely: his individual IP address, gadget characteristics, connection and web history of various web resources, as well as some other technical information.

Information is collected to ensure the security and ease of use of the Internet. Unfortunately, when choosing a not very reliable VPN, cybercriminals can kidnap confidential data. In this case, in addition to the individual IP address, the VPN user has the ability to use the system ID, gadget parameters, etc. for authorization.

How to find out if logs are recorded on a VPN server?

To find out, the easiest way to ask your service provider. However, it is not always possible to get a truthful answer.

In addition, you can perform actions that are not allowed by the service rules. If the logs are recorded, the account will certainly be banned. But this is not so bad. Remember that the supplier must share information with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, for a risk-free test of the VPN server, we recommend using our checklist.

If the logs are written, you should contact the technical support specialists of the service: what specific information is included in the log. The server on which personal information about the visitor and the characteristics of his gadget is stored will not provide confidentiality.

Does VPN guarantee anonymity?

To reliably verify whether a server is recording visitor data, read its Terms of Use or similar document. Pay special attention to the text written in small print. If you notice a phrase like “The service has the right to record information about users for security guarantees,” then no matter how pathetically there is stated on the main page, such a service will not be a priori confidential.

It is also recommended to read user reviews about the VPN provider, and those that are published not on its official website, but on third-party resources. The latter, as you might guess, are more objective.

Anonymous VPN server operation principle

The administration of any reputable online service should consider abuses - complaints to the IP owner about unauthorized actions performed from his subnet.

When the server writes logs, it will not be difficult to find a careless user, from the gadget of which the incorrect actions described in the training manual are performed, after which his account is sent to the ban.

Anonymous VPN servers do not save information about users and characteristics of devices from which you are connecting. Therefore, it is not possible to find the attacker and interrupt his incorrect actions, therefore, in the case of abuse, respectable users may also suffer.

Should I use free VPN?

Free VPNs really only create the illusion of security. Most of them even lack encryption. In addition, users are often forced to put up with a decrease in speed and view a lot of unnecessary advertising.

It is probably much more reasonable to spend a few dollars a month and, without feeling any inconvenience, use a reliable anonymous VPN. Moreover, many suppliers offer a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.

How to find a reliable VPN without logs?

On how to choose a suitable VPN server, we have prepared a separate article.

Our service does not save logs, so all clients can be assured of complete anonymity and no consequences of their actions. Therefore, any activity of the user will not be associated with his real IP address.