Anonymizer is a special site that allows you to open other Internet resources through it. The main feature is that in the logs of the host domain the IP-address of the anonymizer will be displayed, not your real one. So, you can visit the web pages anonymously.

On all anonymizing sites there is a field for the address of the target domain. To anonymously go to any page, you must first open the anonymizer, enter a link in a special line, and click the transition button. This way you get to the desired site without showing it your IP address.

Why use anonymizer

1. The logs of the site that you go to will display the IP address of the anonymizer, not your real one. This way you can visit any resource anonymously. The main thing is to make all the transitions through the anonymizer, then throughout the session your IP will be hidden.

2. Almost all such services are free. Site content does not require much effort. In addition, anonymizers have many significant drawbacks, so paid resources are extremely rare and not popular.

3. A wide range of anonymizers that allows you to choose the most suitable service. There are domains both in the ru zone and in the global Internet. In general, they are all similar, and the differences are insignificant.

Disadvantages of anonymizers

Despite all the advantages, anonymizers do not have the best reputation. This is due to several factors:

  • low speed - the delay is more than 200 ms, which is about 10 times more than the VPN ping;
  • extra advertising - in addition to the one on the site, ads from the anonymizer will also be shown. In addition, advertising is not constrained by the framework and often contains content 18+;
  • unstable work - the connection can randomly disappear and appear. Also, the services themselves appear and are deleted daily;
  • There is no security, because it is unknown who gets your data when connecting via an anonymizer;
  • restriction on use - most resources limit the amount of data downloaded and sent. Thus, you will not be able to download and upload large files, such as music or photos. As a rule, the limit is set to 1 megabyte. In addition, it will not be possible to see the video in the browser, since most services do not support this function due to the heavy load;
  • the inability to choose or simply change the IP address - you have to use the fact that you are ready to provide the service;
  • Data encryption is not performed; instead, the IP address is simply substituted;
  • Many anonymizers are blocked by Russian providers.

Alternative to anonymizer - VPN

If you are interested in an anonymous and secure connection - use a VPN. Such a network conducts your connection through a special secure server devoid of the shortcomings of anonymizers. Key benefits include:

  • high connection speed and stability - the virtual private network does not affect the speed of the transmitted data, it all depends on the capabilities of your provider. Servers work stably and reliably, which ensures comfortable use;
  • Guaranteed security and anonymity - a virtual private network uses encryption for information sent by the user to the domain and vice versa, which helps protect data. Also, the logs are not saved on the VPN servers, so your anonymity will be ensured in any situation;
  • Choice of IP-addresses and countries - VPN-services have several servers in different countries, which allows you to choose the best option.

Also, unlike the anonymizer, VPN does not show additional advertising.

Many VPN services have a free version. In this case, there is a restriction on the data transmitted or the duration of use. However, even the trial version allows you to send and receive gigabytes of traffic. Thus, you can not lose anything to make sure all the advantages of a VPN over the anonymizer.