What is the IP address?

On the Internet many people are interested how to change the information about their current location. Change your location and you can unlock different services, websites and Internet platforms that would not be available in normal conditions.

IP-address is online identifier of devices on the Internet. Each computer, phone or gadget has Internet Protocol (IP) number. It helps to identify devices on the Internet.

So, website can determine IP address and find out visitor’s country and city.

Of course, sometimes using a public IP address can be useful. Nevertheless, people are worried about confidentiality and anonymity on the Internet. In addition, other IP address give you access to sites blocked in your country.

How to change your IP address?

You can use a proxy server or VPN to change your IP address. The proxy server has several advantages (for example, it does not affect the connection speed), the VPN provides completely data confidentiality and anonymity.

VPN (it means virtual private networks) are encryption tools that are provided as online services. They redirect all your traffic to remote VPN servers. This tool hide your traffic and actions from others (hackers, government agencies, online stores and many others) on the Internet.

VPN uses special encryption technologies, called protocols, and creates a virtual tunnel through which all information passes without any logs.

Pretend someone else

VPN does not change your location really, VPN does it only virtually on the Internet. You will not leave your house and will not stand up from your chair.

Users from all over the world can use VPN technology, it is everywhere available. There are free VPN (they are not recommended, because they usually store logs, limit speed and show annoying advertising messages) and paid VPN, they charge a monthly fee 2-15 $ depending on the brand.

With the help of a VPN service provider, users can be in any country and enter the jurisdiction zone of another one. Sites and services blocked for geographic reasons will become available for users.

A common practice is that a website displays certain content only to users of a particular country or geographical location. That's why BBC iPlayer is unavailable outside the United Kingdom and why each region of Netflix has its own shows and movies.

“Therefore, if you want, for example, to use iPlayer services, and you are in Japan, you must connect through the VPN to the British server. This is the only way to see the best shows. If you are in the US and connect to a VPN whose servers are in the UK, you will end up in the UK for sites.”

How can I change my IP address with a VPN?

Determine what you need from VPN. After you know what you want, select a VPN that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

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