Increasingly, on the Internet and in conversations of advanced people, you can find the phrase & quot; VPN & quot ;. What it is? Why, in recent times, has his popularity increased? Why is it needed for the people of Ukraine? What benefits does it provide for users? Today we talk about this in detail!

What is VPN?

The abbreviation VPN stands for:

  • Virtual
  • Private
  • Network - network (intranet space to use).

The principle of the VPN is to create false connections through a secondary, remote connection to the desired resource. This means that you can access the site you need from another computer and from a different geolocation.

Why do I need a VPN for residents of Ukraine?

Ukraine acutely felt the need to access popular domains from 2014 onwards.

Since 2014, relations between Ukraine and Russia have been in deep crisis. This is reflected in the ability to visit servers with resources that are located within the state of the Russian Federation.

For example, Ukraine has limited the opportunity for its providers to provide access to popular Russian domains: VK, Yandex, Classmates (OK) and many others. These domains are among the most popular in the world and have a multi-million dollar daily attendance.

However, there is no restriction on the use of VPN, which makes access to these popular resources easy and comfortable again!

Also, VPN will be useful for any other task where anonymity and remote connection are necessary (for example, bypassing a ban on a dating site and others).

To the note: many modern browsers already have built-in VPNs by default - they do not need to be additionally downloaded and configured, just confirm (check the box opposite the agreement) activation and start using! Browsers themselves understand when they need to use a VPN and automatically activate them for & quot; problem & quot; sites. This will help you to almost ignore the restrictions in the work of the Internet. Also, you can always install third-party VPN software, which will allow you to use it for more unitary purposes, with a wide variation of settings for personal needs and tastes.

VPN allows you to:

  • Go to inaccessible resources for Ukraine;
  • Preserve the anonymity of the real, current location of the user.


If you are a resident of Ukraine and you have difficulty accessing certain domains due to your current territorial location, if you want to make a remote connection (for anonymity), use a VPN - what you need. Optionally, you may be given the opportunity to hide certain connection settings, which adds even more anonymity!

Just use this program and forget about restrictions on the Internet!

Visit any sites through a remote connection (with anonymity) and get the full range of Internet capabilities as before!