In 2014, Twitter was blocked in Turkey by Twitter, later YouTube, and in 2017, Wikipedia and local residents needed software for VPN access.

What is VPN and what is it for?

Such programs hide the IP address by changing it to the address of another country and thanks to this the Internet user bypasses the block.

VPN can also be useful when the Internet starts to slow down & ndash; for example, during any emergencies. By the way, in Turkey the last few years, this happens quite often.

This works due to the fact that the Internet does not block, but narrows the channel so that local residents have a connection, but at one moment a large number of users cannot post or write a message.

With regard to VPN security, many believe that providers use your personal information. But such information is just a rumor.

At the moment, some well-known free VPN providers are already blocked in Turkey. However, this is not such a huge problem right now, since many users have not already used blocked addresses. But if you have an urgent need, you should think about a paid VPN service.

In Turkey, the majority of the population communicate mainly on Whatsapp, but in November 2017, the application stopped working and users began to look for other options for instant messengers. Fortunately six months later, Whatsapp started working again. So you can always find an alternative and not use a VPN.

What does VPN give us?

  • Ability to use all sites
  • Internet speed will not slow down
  • The use of limited content on geolocation: for example, while relaxing in Turkey you want to watch foreign films, but without a VPN you will not succeed. Using VPN, your IP address will change to Russian, then you will have access to your favorite movie.
  • ISP Accounting Blocking: If you use a VPN, your ISP will not be able to determine which site you visited, since your data is encrypted.

VPN services that continue to work in Turkey:


Highly stable and proven service. Thanks to the flawless operation of the Internet, you have the opportunity to watch high-quality videos. Also, the service allows you to bypass censorship and get access to blocked addresses.


Widely used service. However, its use is possible with the Internet provider Turktelekom.


Although by the number of countries this provider lags behind the previous ones, it has important advantages:

  • The service does not save the user's history;
  • In cases of blocking the main site, the service will continue;
  • Through mobile device and PC high speed.

Summing up, I want to say that freedom of information should be. Restrictions and bans have no place! Everyone has the right to have access to the Internet. It is because of this that the media will not be able to deceive their citizens.

VPN lock & ndash; not a problem, it is a symptom. It is necessary to solve the main problems, and not to try to cope with the consequences with the help of the ban.