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How to buy VPN and place an order, instruction

Go to order form
Step 1

Go to page "Оrder form"

To create a new order, you have to go to the page "Оrder form". For it click on the button "Get free".

Place an order VPN
Step 2

Registration of new user and placing an order

Type your e-mail, also you need to put a tick in front of "I accept Terms and conditions" and reCAPTCHA. Then click "Get free".

VPN 7 days free or pay for it
Step 3

Go to personal area or to payment system

We send data for authorization to your e-mail. You can sign in and try it for free trial 7 days period or pay for all period that you have chosen. New users get free trial 7 days period in any case, so if you paid for chosen period, it will be extended for a week.

Data for authorization on VPNGOGO
Step 4

Check e-mail

You will get data for authorization (login and password).

Authorization on the site VPNGOGO
Step 5

Authorization on the site

For authorization you need to go by the link and type your login and password that you received on your e-mail.

Pay for VPN
Step 6

Pay for service VPN

After step 3 (registration), when you click on the button "Buy now" and after step 11 (prolongation), you automatically go to payment system, there you need to choose payment method and type required data for successful payment.

Your payment was successful
Step 7

Status of payment

If it was all right, you will see a message that your payment was successful. Click the link "Go to personal area", and you will go to personal area.

Status of payment VPN
Step 8

List of payments

You can see status of payment in personal area in section VPN on the tab "My payments".

Status of service VPN
Step 9

Wait for activation

After successful payment your completion date will be extended, and your VPN certificate will be active.

This process can take up to 24 hours. If it takes more time, you can contact customer support in your personal area or write to e-mail info@vpngogo.net.

After activation, follow the instructions to install the VPN. You need to select your device and click on the required link.

Prolong service VPN
Step 10

Prolong VPN

To prolong service, go to personal area, in section VPN on the tab My services, find your service and click "Prolong".

Prolong service VPN
Step 11

Prolong VPN

You will automatically go to order form, check that you prolong order, choose quantity of months, put a tick in front of "I accept Terms and conditions" and click "To Order". You cannot change tariff in this step. If you want another tariff, you have to create a new service. Next you will automatically go to payment system, see the step 6 of this instruction.

  • Published: 01-09-2018
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Servers in Italy, Germany and Great Britain
Stable internet-connection
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Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Anonymity in the network
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VPN without any logs
Inexpensive service
Support services
Fast VPN up to 50 Mbps
Traffic up to 2 terabytes