It has to be admitted: the struggle with free access to the Internet is increasingly being waged every day. In the course are the most unusual tools that cause the most unexpected consequences, such as stopping access to thousands of sites. A similar situation is observed not only in the CIS, but also in many other countries: China and Iran are suffering. Separate sites are blocked in Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine. In the United States and European countries, there are difficulties with connecting to torrent trackers and sites with pirated content.

And if the governments of the countries believe that in this way they can drastically influence the situation & mdash; they are greatly mistaken. Developers from around the world long ago came up with a solution to this problem. VPN server is used to bypass blocking. If you omit the complex technical details, you get something like the following scheme: to connect to the Internet, the user’s computer is not used, but a third-party virtual computer located in another country where the locks do not work. Already through a virtual computer, which is called a VPN-server, interaction with sites is carried out.

Advantages of a VPN server in Italy

Among the many offers of VPN servers, the most interesting ones are those located in Italy. To date, the Italian government has developed one of the most liberal legislation in the field of interaction with the Internet space. Most of the locks that exist in Ukraine, China or Iran, in Italy does not work. Thanks to this, you can easily connect to any service and use any services.

Another major advantage of VPN servers in Italy is the refusal to host the personal data of the server owner. For example, in Ukraine, such data are often stored in the public domain. In Italy, it is quite possible to meet anonymous servers, whose owners can not be traced. Even if you sit in your own social networks (which you shouldn’t do) using a VPN server, it will be almost impossible to track you. You can always refer to the fact that it is not you, but a mysterious hacker from Italy.

It is also worth noting the affordable price for VPN servers in Italy. This is due to support the development of data centers that host many servers. The Italian government is well aware of the importance of storing large amounts of information and is increasing investment in this industry for this. This is done, including through the construction of new data centers. At the expense of government subsidies, low prices are provided for the services provided by these centers.

Why should I choose Italian VPN servers?

Of all the available VPN servers today, it is Italian that are the most optimal choice.

Thanks to the liberal policy of the Italian government, you will not have problems accessing your favorite sites, as might happen when using, for example, Turkish servers (in Turkey access to some Russian social networks is blocked).

Also, when using Italian VPN servers, complete anonymity is guaranteed when using any services. You can download any content from the network without fear that your provider will suspect something amiss. All that the provider will see & mdash; your appeal to a third-party server. It will not be able to track what you are downloading.

And of course, a pleasant price, one of the lowest in Europe (and for residents of the CIS and Europe, the use of European VPN servers is preferable).

Summarizing, we can say that Italian VPN servers have a number of advantages, having drawn attention to which we can safely say that this is an excellent choice for ensuring your own information security:

  • open access to any sites;
  • complete anonymity when using any services;
  • low price for services;
  • convenient location for users from the CIS and Europe.

In a century when any of your actions on the Internet may be of interest to third parties, one cannot but turn to the use of a good VPN server.