France usually associates with Paris, the Eiffel Tower and fresh croissants. France is one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

However, buying tickets to France and booking a hotel in France is more profitable if you do it inside France, and not from abroad. And some airlines and hotels generally prohibit booking hotels in France from Russia. We advise you to use VPN, it will allow you to change the IP address and create the appearance that you are in France.

In preparation for the trip, you can also try watching French television channels to learn language.

Are you a resident of France and are going on a business trip to another country? If you want to know all latest news in France, use VPN with a server in France on a business trip. It gives access to such channels as: Numéro 23, L'Équipe, Channel, TF1, France 2, M6, France 3, C8, France 5, TMC, Canal +, W9, BFM, TV Arte, NT1, NRJ 12, France 4, Gulli, RMC Découverte, CStar, HD1, 6ter, i-Télé, Chérie 25, France and others. For it you need a smart VPN with fast servers in France.

But do not forget that in France such services as Netflix, BBC IPlayer, SkyGo, downloading torrents are blocked.

Despite the fact that there is freedom of speech in France, it has Internet censorship and the government follows every step of the user. This is usually associated with an increased likelihood of terrorist acts.

Why do we recommend VPN servers located in France?

Residents of France always have confidentiality and immunity of user data. For example, the French government imposed a fine on Facebook for illegally tracking user data.

Using VPN will allow you to encrypt all actions on the Internet; it guarantees you anonymity and security.

It has close territorial location to Europe countries, which ensures fast speed and good ping.

VPN GoGo offers dedicated French VPN servers at Tariff Expert. A dedicated server guarantees anonymity, security and stability; only you can use it, nobody else. You get 2 terabytes per month, connection speed up to 50 Mbit / s and the possibility of 20 simultaneous Internet connections. More information about the tariff you can find by the link.