Czech Republic is one of the countries where Internet access is very freedom and has low restrictions. The Czech government approve freedom of speech and full access to the Internet. However, there are strict rules according to child pornography, etc., such websites are banned. The government considered opportunity to ban the websites of foreign online casinos, but they did not do it.

However, since January 2017, the Czech government has increased the level of Internet censorship, but this is connected with the fight against terrorists and radical views. Such sites are blocked and their number is growing from year to year.

Also services Netflix and Hulu are blocked in the Czech Republic, downloading torrents is often blocked too.

The chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic recently called for increased control in social networks; he associates the lack of ethics and even crimes with an increase the anonymity in the network.

If you live in the Czech Republic and go abroad, but you want to know all of Czech news (for example, have access to the channel Česká televiz), you can use the VPN service.

What advantages does Czech VPN servers have?

Of course, European VPN servers provide complete data protection and anonymity. Also, they are not geographically located very far, which ensures fast and stable connection speed.

Thus, Czech VPN servers have the following advantages:

  • fast speed;
  • good ping;
  • stable communication channel;
  • laws in Europe are very strict to Internet security and therefore it is difficult to get access to servers.

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