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Instruction, how to set up and configure VPN on IOS, step-by-step review how to connect vpn on iphone

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 1
Step 1

Download OpenVPN Connect

Open App Store, click on its icon.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 2
Step 2

Download OpenVPN Connect

Find OpenVPN Connect, click "Get" and then "Install".

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 3
Step 3

Download VPN client

You have to download vpn client that generated in your client area on your device. Go to "VPN->My services" and scroll right.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 4
Step 4

Download configuration VPN file

Click "VPN clients".

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 5
Step 5

Download VPN for iphone

Scroll right again.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 6
Step 6

Download certificate VPN

Click on the icon of the OpenVPN to download vpn client for ios.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 7
Step 7

Open OpenVPN Connect

Find OpenVPN Connect on the desktop. Click on it to launch it.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 8
Step 8

Import configuration OpenVPN

Choose "OVPN Profile" here.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 9
Step 9

Import configuration

On the tab "OVPN" find and select the certificate for import. Click "Import".

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 10
Step 10

Import configuration

Click "Add" to add VPN certificate.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 11
Step 11

Connecting to the network

To launch the VPN server on iphone, you need to click on the switch in OpenVPN Profile. The status will be changed from "Disconnected" to "Connected".

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 12
Step 12

View vpn connection statistics

Connection statistics will appear below the connection. It informs about speed and duration of connection, new IP-address, VPN server, port and protocol.

Set up VPN on IOS. Step 13
Step 13

Use all opportunities of VPN

Congratulations! You have set up VPN on IOS! Now you have secure access to the Internet and new IP!

Why is it necessary to download VPN on IOS?

  • You will get new IP, stable connection, speed and access to your favorite content
  • Browsers with VPN or anonymizer youtube can help you only to surf the Internet. They are not suitable for download games, torrents and chat in messengers
  • VPN for IOS helps to provide the maximum level of anonymity for users, replacing the real IP with the IP-address of VPN server
  • Published: 01-09-2018
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