Still have questions?

We have collected here the list of frequently asked questions from our customers and answers to them. If you have another situation – please, contact technical support, they will help you.

General Questions & Answers

How to set up VPN on my device?

There are instructions how to set up VPN on Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS on our website. Choose your system and click the link.

How to contact technical support?

You can write about your problem in your personal area, send e-mail to

How to check, have I connected to the VPN or not?

You can check it on our website, at the top of the site you can see your IP, location and status of protect.

Questions & Answers related to payment

I have paid for selected tariff, but there are no changes in my personal account

Do not worry, you can see changes in your account soon. If it does not happen after two hours, contact technical support.

How to prolong the certificate?

You can prolong the certificate in your account paying for it within a week from the end date. If you did not pay for it for a week, you can only purchase a new certificate.

Do you have a free trial period?

All new users have the opportunity to get the free trial period, its duration is 1 day.

Questions & Answers related to work with VPN

Why does the VPN constantly stop working?

Probably you are trying to use the same certificate on two devices at once, so VPN can stop working. We recommend purchase one certificate for one device.

Do you store any information about the connections?

No, we do not store any information about connections, personal data and history of visits.