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Freedom and secure Internet

VPNGOGO is the tool that give you secure access to the Internet

Fast VPN

Fast access to all resources

Instant access to all your favorite sites and applications.

Technical support

Technical support

The support service works constantly and helps to solve all problems.

Confidentiality  VPN

Сonfidential and anonymous VPN

All traffic is encrypted and can not be tracked because IP changes.

Why Do You Need Our VPN?

Free VPN services create only the visibility of protection. Sometimes they do not have encryption or pass your traffic to advertisers. Qualitative VPN service is inexpensive, but it guarantees your security.

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Privacy and security

Private & Secure VPN

Our service will help you watch, download, listen to anything you like.
Access and speed

Streaming VPN Access & Speed

The connection speed depends on your provider and will be up to 50 Mbps.
VPN for all devices

VPN For All Devices

These VPN certificates can be used on iOS and Android phones, as well as on Mac and Windows PCs.
Fully encrypted Internet

Fully Encrypted Internet

The connection is encrypted with RSA algorithms.
Multiple Internet network

Choose Your Location

Buy the Basic Tariff and get up to 6 simultaneous connections from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom and use them on different devices.
Access Website

Access Websites

Get full access to sites and applications available in other country.
VPN without logs

VPN Without Logs

This VPN allows you to change your IP address and has no logs or actions policy.
7 days free trial

7 Days Free Trial

Get free VPN for trial period of 7 days to evaluate our service.

Works on OpenVPN

Our certificates are imported into OpenVPN, which is available on all devices.
User friendly settings

User Frendly Settings

Easily and quickly configure the VPN according to the instructions, download OpenVPN and import configuration file.
Expert support team

Expert Support Team

The support service works constantly and helps to solve all problems.
VPN in the public network

VPN in the Public Network

It is safe to surf the Internet in public Wi-Fi networks using our VPN certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact us in personal area or you can send e-mail to info@vpngogo.net.

Basic VPN


1 Month Plan / 0% discount $9 /month

1 month €9

Basic VPN


2 Month Plan / 5% discount $8.55 /month

2 months €17.1

Basic VPN


3 Month Plan / 10% discount $8.1 /month

3 months €24.3


Expert tariff

Choose tariff Expert, and you will get individual vpn server. It provides stable high-speed secure access to the Internet. For a dedicated server, you can choose only one country from such countries as Italy, Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Poland and France. You can order multiple dedicated servers for one account. If you want to purchase. Buy the Expert tariff, and you will get:

  • Dedicated server
  • No logs policy
  • Easy to use
  • Anonymous and secure VPN
  • Safe public Wi-Fi
  • Encryption internet traffic
  • Data transfer up to 2 TB
  • Connecting up to 50 Mbit/s
  • 6 simultaneous connections

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What client’s say about us

Mikhail Romanov

Krasnodar, Russia

Now it is impossible to surf the Internet without VPN, as you face multiple locks to music, movies, sites. VPNGOGO meets all my requirements: stable connection, fast speed and data traffic is enough. I am happy to use it!

Elena Zakharyeva

Volgograd, Russia

It’s amazing, but even my parents easily install this program. It is not at all difficult to use, so everyone can interact with it if and get fully encrypted Internet.

Alexander Ferens

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Effective and fast VPN service. I feel myself much safer with VPNGOGO. I evaluate usability how 5 out of 5.

Andrey Eliseev

Sochi, Russia

Best VPN at the best price. Pleasant impressions and good performance. It has responsive technical support, which really helps to solve problems.

Dmitry Nazarov

Moscow, Russia

For a long time I have tried many VPN-providers and at last stopped at VPNGOGO. I never regretted it, because I have installed it on all my devices and forgot about it. I wish prosperity to your business!

Download OpenVPN

Download OpenVPN

Import our VPN configuration file according to the instructions and use all advantages of VPN.

  • Download for Windows
  • Download for Mac OS

  • Download for Android
  • Download for IOS

Servers are In Italy, Germany, Great Britain

The Europe VPNs have many advantages:

  • High speed in European countries
  • Enhanced level of security
  • Stable internet connection
  • Bypass the filters
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